The Butterfly House

fjääEnjoy the unique experience of walking among exquisite colourful butterflies flying freely around you in a breath-taking exotic tropical environment.

Among waterfalls and rich vegetation, you will discover the wonders of nature. Discover the butterfly mating dance, see larvae enjoying all kinds of food and if you’re lucky, watch a butterfly hatch. Some of the butterflies come here as pupae, and some butterflies spend their entire life cycle in the tropical environment at Haga.

The Butterfly House covers over 3000 square meters and the environment inside is completely tropical. The temperature is never less than 25 degrees during the day, and at otonight it is always at least 18 degrees. The humidity is always high, and it is in these conditions that the butterflies thrive and multiply. During a single year, several thousand butterflies live here, and every time you visit us here there are at least 700 different varieties of butterfly species to see. Our butterflies are very exotic to our northern climes, while in their home environment they are relatively common. There are no endangered butterfly species at The Butterfly House.