Special guided tours

541692_594712090580321_710837980_nA tropical evening at The Butterfly House

Evening guided tours cater for all types of visitor from scout groups, community groups, youth clubs as well adult groups.

The tour consists of an introductory presentation of the facility followed by a thrilling guided tour where you get to meet all our animals really up close. You get to meet our giant catfish and participate in their feeding, experience our turtles, frogs, insects, lizards and of course all our butterflies and sharks.

The tours are led by Owe Sandström, our resident zoologist, well known from the Swedish television series about animal life.

bildTour is available Monday – Wednesday
Tour duration is about 2 hours.

Basic price for a minimum of 10 persons: 2500 SEK.

For more information on times and prices and bookings, please email us


Please leave a contact name and phone number.

A warm tropical welcome!

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